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Meeting Date: 9/18/2019 - 7:00 PM
Category: New Business
Type: Info
Subject: 12.1 Future Ballot Issue
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Public Notes: Once the original construction plans were agreed upon for Eagle Heights, we knew we would have to go back to voters to add on to the building within a few years. We knew it would open near or at capacity and we advertised this during the campaign of 2016. We will have about 12 to 14 million in bonding capacity for an upcoming ballot issue and it will cost about 3 million to add on to Eagle Heights. So, we will be able to accomplish some additional projects as well.

I recommend the Board begin considering when to run a no tax rate increase general obligation bond issue. I have attached the election calendar for your consideration. April is too soon, in my opinion and the fire district plans to go in November of 2020. August of 2020 looks like a viable option.

The Board should also consider a second question on the ballot to move money from debt service to operations. This is not an uncommon approach for districts wanting to increase operations dollars without raising taxes but it can only be done by a vote of the people. We did this in 1990 and Blue Springs did this in August of 2018. It would not inhibit our ability to make our debt payments but clearly we would not be making as large of payments.
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Dr. Todd Schuetz - Superintendent